Advanced People Strategies Friday, May 5, 2023

hogan norms update 2023

Hogan Local and Global Norms Update: Effective: 1st June 2023

Number of countries/territories increased by 11 from 179 to 190

Languages and dialects: 48


Global Norm Size:

HPI 153,223  |  HDS, 115,793  |  MVPI 99,568


UK Norm Size

HPI 7,342  |  HDS, 5,991  |  MVPI 5,409




Why update norms?

Improved validity & reliability – The question item response scale provides the potential for a wider distribution, internal consistency and thus more accurate results and interpretation.

Better representation of work-relevant demographic groups.


Scale update

For HPI and HDS only, up to 2018 participant responses to question items were limited to True or False. In September 2018, Hogan introduced a 4-point agreement response scale and started to collect response data for analysis.

strongly disagree, disagree, agree, and strongly agree.


Response analysis across participants has been completed and sub-scale results are more accurate for country and global norms.


Data Stratification

New releases of the global norm enables inclusion of country data when sufficient assessments are completed. Countries included in the norm are equally represented in numbers.   


Interpretation of results

Continue to interpret sub-scale and main-scale results as before.


Technical Resources

Please contact us if you have any questions or for further resources and full technical documentation.