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Advanced People Strategies (APS) provide World-Class people development products, personality assessments, business consultancy, competency mapping, executive coaching and a range of services that help organisations and businesses with job selection, employee development and finding the leaders of tomorrow.

APS actively guide organisations and individuals to achieve results that require lasting changes in human behaviour, often the most difficult challenge any organisation faces. When accomplished, it is the most durable competitive advantage for your staff and workplace.

Advanced People Strategies are authorised to distribute and licence others to use the Hogan Assessment tools in the UK, including Northern Ireland.  APS provide certification training, a full range of Hogan reports as well as supporting organisational implementation and talent analysis. The Hogan Reports assess personality, predicting workplace performance by helping businesses dramatically reduce turnover and increase productivity; by hiring the right people, developing key talent, and evaluating leadership potential. APS can provide the expertise needed to support your business.

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Hogan Assessments Certification

To be able to buy and interpret Hogan Assessments suit of Hogan reports you will need to complete the Hogan Assessments Certification Level 1 Workshop. As UK distributors of Hogan Assessment Systems, Advanced People Strategies provide official Hogan Workshops including; Hogan Certification, Hogan Advanced Certification and a number of e-learning models to further your hogan knowledge.  Our Hogan Certification Level 1 Workshops are run regularly in London, Daventry, Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast.  We can also arrange in-house workshops if preferred. Get in touch if you also have colleagues outside the UK you wish to have certified and we will help coordinate this for you.

APS are ditributors of Hogan Assessments