Heather Mahoney-Slaughter Thursday, January 19, 2023

Recent CRF research co-sponsored by APS culminated in a full day’s event “Effective Succession Management” held in London UK,  the imagery used to brand the event was a Rubik's Cube.  Much like the infamous puzzle, HR professionals consider succession management a challenge. But also like the puzzle, once the keys to success become clearer, the solution seems obvious. The recommendations coming out of the research should come as no surprise – of course, there should be clarity around purpose, alignment with business strategy, “thoughtful transparency” and so on.  We inherently know these things work.

It is surprising, however, that only 14% of CRF research respondents currently use diagnostic testing, and only 26% use a high-potential framework.  When there is so much at stake with leadership choices and talent development, the results may be a sign that not enough is known about available evidence-based methodologies. Reliable data, from inputs such as psychometrics, development centres and multi-rater feedback offset the inherent bias of self-reporting and manager ratings, and when used professionally, add value to an organisation’s talent review process.

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