About Us

With over 15 years experience helping organisations implement people development strategies, we have become established as a trusted partner with our clients. Drawing on world class psychometric assessments and partnering with highly respected academic leaders, we create and implement solutions built on scientific principles.

Based in the Midlands we work with clients both across the UK and internationally. Our consultants are highly qualified, experienced and have a business background.

Our Values


We strive to respond quickly and appropriately to changing conditions, emerging Insights and technologies


Our aim is to build and maintain long-standing client relationships


We seek to create leading-edge products, services and solutions for our clients


We look to bring new insights, trends and research findings to the attention of our clients


Our work is grounded in sound research, best practice and application to real life

Our Services

APS are Offical Distributors for Hogan Assessments and Reports. If you are looking to get Hogan Certified then you are in the right place. We also offer tools, instruments and assessments that help companies in a vast number of Human Resource areas.


  • Talent forcasting
  • Pipeline & succession
  • Strategic career planning
  • Skills, strength & gap analysis
  • Mapping personality to competencies
  • Team profiling


  • Motivation / Personality
  • Derailment risks
  • Cognitive ability
  • Situational judgment
  • Emotional intelligence
  • International mobility
  • 360 Multi-rater feedback
  • Team climate & culture
  • Team strengths


  • Professional certification
  • Senior managment
  • Team workshop
  • Senior manager
  • Development centres
  • Emerging leader
  • Psychometric feedback
  • Senior & executive