Reflections 360

Gather performance feedback from managers, peers, direct reports and others.

The Reflections 360 Multi-rater feedback tool allows participants to gain insights into their effectiveness, identify strengths and opportunities for development against a skills or competency profile.

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August 2022
14:00 - 14:45 (UK Time)
October 2022
15:00 - 15:45 (UK Time)
December 2022
14:00 - 14:45 (UK Time)
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Senior leadership support
Support leaders to identify their strength and development opportunities from a range of sources - Managers, Peers, Direct Reports and Others..
Emerging leaders
Targeted support and learning of high potential leaders in your talent pipeline.
Blended learning
Augment existing development programmes with new insights gathered from multiple raters.
Identify skills and gain feedback to support a coaching process and accelerate awareness.

Talent management support

Insights for participants to help support learning and development

The Reflections 360 Muliti-rater platform allows you to provide participants with well-rounded feedback from multiple sources to support leadership development, high potential talent, teams plus many more.

Sample Report

Common development challenges

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"It takes so long to build the survey."
Choose from our skills pool for rapid survey deployment
"Tracking survey completion is time consuming"
Utilise our tracking administration system included as standard
"We need enough people to run a survey."
Develop a survey for an individual or a group
  • Leadership roles
  • Sales roles
  • Customer service roles
  • Operational roles
  • Professional specialist roles
Sample Report

Multi-rater feedback

Choose skills to target.

Select from our job family pool or select your own skills to develop, that align with your company values and culture.

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Participant survey and raters

Responsive platform includes tracking administration.

Once the survey is set up it's time to add your raters, and go live. Competition is tracked in the tracking administration system, where automated email reminders are sent.

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