Melvyn Payne Wednesday, November 16, 2022

It was encouraging to hear from so many attendees about their existing experience of using Hogan Assessments to support executive recruitment, at the AESC 'Sustaining Growth' Global Conference, London 2022, reflecting the growing awareness of Hogan to support talent identification and placement.

The themes of the conference provided an ideal platform to discuss the impact of personality, values and ‘dark-side’ risk behaviours on the approach to sustainable growth at board level as well as other strategic applications using Hogan Assessments.

Dr Annalisa Jenkins, when addressing key questions around equality, diversity and inclusion, spoke about the importance of culture and leadership as well as highlighting the key question – ‘how do you ensure a high-performing, effective team’. 

In his keynote speech, futurist, Gerd Leonhard, highlighted some of the elements of what he called a Key Human Index for future success including such elements as flexibility, empathy, resilience, intuition and imagination as well as values.

Reflecting on some of these critical behaviours, which experts expect to see in the leaders of the future, and their boardrooms, Hogan Assessments can provide key insights into all of them.  Providing clear perspectives as to how natural tendencies, behaviours and values are likely to show up or get in the way, is a key element not only to help support those who want to be the game changer leaders, but also those whose mission is to identify and place them in the right roles.