Hogan Assessment Certification

Official 2 day Hogan Assessment Certification Training Workshops in London, Daventry, Manchester, Scotland and N.Ireland.  Led by Authorised Hogan Certification provider APS.  Teaching the interpretation and application of Hogan’s three personality assessments; HPI, HDS and MVPI. 

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Hogan Assessments Certification

2-day Hogan Assessments Certification Workshop


Hogan’s Assessment Certification Programme qualifies professionals to administer the Hogan Assessments. The Hogan Training Workshop teaches the interpretation and application of Hogan’s three core personality-based assessments:


  • Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)
  • Hogan Development Survey (HDS)
  • Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)


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Hogan Certification Workshop

Duration: 2 Days

Cost: £1750+VAT

Prior accreditation required: N/A


What will I learn?
  • How personality impacts on reputation at work
  • Personality perspectives of the "Inside", "Bright-Side" & "Dark-Side"
  • Understanding of the HPI, MVPI & HDS scales and subscales
  • How to interpret relationships across all three instruments
  • How each Hogan Assessments tool measures elements of the "Five Factor" personality model
  • How to apply an effective feedback framework
  • Applications of the instruments for selection and development
  • Our extensive business experience is shared and discussed during the workshop

Prior to the Workshop Preparation:

  1. Complete an eLearning module which describes the key scales that the MVPI, HPI and HDS covers.
    There is no time constraint and individual learning styles vary but we suggest allowing at least 1hr

  2. Complete the 3 Hogan questionnaires for yourself and a volunteer who you will provide reports and feedback to post-workshop


Workshop Day 1

  • Perspectives of Personality Assessment
  • Interpret and apply the Hogan Personality Inventory
  • Interpret and apply the Hogan Development Survey

Workshop Day 2

  • Interpret and apply the Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory
  • Practice giving comprehensive feedback on all three inventories


APS Distributed Hogan Workshop Includes:

  • Lunch and light refreshments
  • A full set of Leadership Forecast Series and Coaching reports for a practice participant to use post-workshop for field skills practice and certification sign-off
  • Personal Reports for each personality instrument (Leadership Forecast Series)
  • A workshop manual with extensive business-focused interpretation content and example results to support practice


Post Workshop:

  • Complete a 1:1 coaching session to explore your interpretation of your volunteer’s results, finalise certification and global registration
  • Access our unique My Account Service to download technical information, order reports, materials, and access APS specialist support
  • Be eligible to attend APS Webinar sessions, future Master-Classes, and special Hogan Events
  • Be invited to join the UK Linked-in Hogan Assessments user group
  • Complete an online knowledge assessment to finalise your certification

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We are pleased to offer a discounted workshop fee to any current members of the professional bodies below:

15% discount on all our Hogan Certification Level 1 course dates if you are an affiliate to any of the following:  

  • The British Psychological Society
  • Association for Coaching
  • The Association for Business Psychology (ABP)
  • European Mentoring & Coaching Council
  • Corporate Research Forum
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Discounts on the level 1 workshop are only valid at the time of booking, and not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.  Please enquire for more details info@advancedpeoplestrategies.co.uk

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Once you’ve become Hogan certified, a wide array of Hogan applications, products and solutions become available to you. Hogan’s web courses are designed to help you apply and build the skills learned in your certification workshop and continue your education and training with Hogan Assessment tools.

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Customer Reviews

Grant Thornton

"A great introduction to the Hogan approach"


"I found the practical examples very valuable over the 2 day course"


"The course was engaging, interesting, run at the right pace. I definitely came away feeling as though I had developed new skills and keen to learn even more"