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Advanced People Strategies (APS) are leadership & talent development specialists, Authorised Hogan Assessments Distributors for the UK & Ireland, providing Certification, Coaching, Masterclasses, & Team/Leadership Development programmes. Advanced People Strategies (APS) are authorised to distribute and certify others to use the Hogan Assessments tools in the UK and Ireland, supporting HR, L&D, Talent Management Specialists and Coaches looking for validated, data driven people development tools. APS are publisher and distributor of the new SkillsPilot assessment and development, facilitator-led platform, and Reflections 360 tool, significantly helping organisations build leadership skills, accelerating readiness and capability. With many years of experience helping organisations implement people development strategies, APS continue to remain a trusted partner to international companies from virtually all sectors. Drawing on world-class psychometric assessments and partnering with highly-respected academic leaders, their highly qualified and experienced consultants, implement talent management initiatives.