Advanced People Strategies Friday, November 11, 2022

Advanced People Strategies, leadership and talent development specialists.  Authorised Hogan Distributor UK & Ireland, joined Corporate Research Forum (CRF) at the ‘Future of Learning Conference’, in London on the 10th of November 2022. 

Held at Church House, Westminster, HR Directors, Senior L&D and Talent Specialists attended this unique location that combines historical charm and cutting-edge technology.  With attendees also joining parts of the conference online, the ripples of the recent pandemic stretched far and wide shaping some of the themes of the day:

  • Assessing how the pandemic impacted learning, the business context that is driving today’s agenda, and the learning challenges that organisations are facing.

  • Discovering the future of learning – it's strategic, collaborative and continuous, and evidence-based. What does it mean to have a more strategic learning strategy, and how are leading organisations linking learning strategy to business strategy?

  • How can a learning mindset, new (and old) technologies, and managers support the new imperative of connected, constant learning?

  • What is the value of using evidence to inform learning, and what is the gap between where many organisations are and where it would benefit them to be?

  • Understanding how the future of learning poses an existential threat for learning functions – they must evolve, or risk becoming extinct. What new capabilities are required?