Chris Humphreys Monday, October 31, 2022

Building and nurturing a leader talent pipeline is easier said than done and way beyond a simple list of step-in names for disaster recovery planning! Evidence for readiness to step up to the next level is more than a qualification and current role performance. Preparing and supporting the right people to create vision and strategy, and enthuse others in today’s volatile world is surely an imperative.

Understanding individual aspirations and values is the first step to exploring: fit to roles, potential career paths, work climate, or cultural impact. As this translates to natural behaviours, skills and signature strengths emerge. We thus know the ingredients for success.

Readiness to take on bigger roles is typically gained through experience, the pace of this can be planned placement in various business areas or simply left to chance. Placement can definitely help and such exposure certainly helps with the understanding of different channels and cultures. This of course can take significant time, upheaval, and frustrations of tuning in, not just to the participant themselves but to others around them. Also, Leaders may still not have sufficient exposure to the broader pressures, issues and decisions dealt with at the next level up.

Hogan can provide validated evidence around, reasoning ability, motivational values, and natural behaviours to predict success in senior leadership roles. This can help objectively identify possible stars of the future.

The new SkillsPilot platform provides participants with exposure to typical problems for the next level of Leader to address in real-time. It can even include custom issues aligned to a business context. Such challenges are scheduled as a meeting and fit in calendars just like other meetings, minimising disruption and emulating the real-world.  

So objectively identifying and accelerating talent readiness for the next role is much easier, more time, and cost-effective using today’s technology

Discounts are available to trial Hogan Assessments and SkillsPilot, contact us for a chat and more details.