Virtual leadership skills development
The way we learn and develop is changing as technology evolves. With current learning media tending to be knowledge focused, how do leaders develop and practice skills development that accelerate their performance?
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Target new skills to build in their “first 100 days”.
Senior leader support
Support leaders to “hit the ground running” during transition or develop new skills.
Practice targeted sales skills.
Emerging leaders
Targeted support for high potential leaders in your talent pipeline.
Blended learning
Augment existing development programmes with virtual skills exercises spread over time.
Practice targeted skills and gain feedback to support a development process.
Talent management support
Learn leadership skills online.
Our skills development system enables participants to practice skills in a safe environment with real people on-line – just like a business meeting, and receive specific feedback and development tips based on what happened.
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Common development challenges
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“It takes so long to develop learning content”
Choose from a range of exercises in our pool
“We are not seeing eLearning knowledge translate into workplace behaviour and skills”
Choose scenarios that demonstrate skills
“We need enough people to run a training course”
Develop a programme for an individual or group
  • Leadership roles
  • Sales roles
  • Customer service roles
  • Operational roles
  • Professional specialist roles
Setting-up Virtual skills development programmes
Choose skills to target
Select from our validated job families or pick and mix from our skills pool.
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a participant
Virtual skills event
Group and one to one exercises/events
All our virtual exercises/events are led by experienced facilitators. The exercises chosen during set-up are now experienced and addressed by the participant.
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