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The Hogan Assessments High Potential (HIPO). Finding talented people who can be developed, and go on to achieve positive business outcomes.

Hogan Assessments HIPO

The highest-performing organisations make it a top priority to prepare talented people for advancement. However, most organisations struggle to find accurate and useful ways to develop people with the most potential for success as leaders. Some people who appear to have leadership potential are often not effective leaders; conversely, many effective employees are overlooked for promotion because they do not self-promote enough to get noticed.

The Hogan High Potential (HIPO) model simplifies the process of finding talented people who can be developed, and who then will go on to achieve positive business outcomes. Grounded in decades of global research on leader performance, the Hogan High Potential Talent Report is designed to help emerging leaders prepare for and develop three essential components of top organisational leadership and helps leaders quickly and easily prioritise areas of development to maximise leadership potential.

  • Validated assessment of High Potential
  • Participant ranking of key strengths relating to leadership competencies 
  • Provides targeted development tips and focused development planning section
  • Ability to identify future potential leaders based on research evidence
  • Increases participant self-awareness of natural strengths and areas for development
  • Supports leadership potential and prioritises specific areas for development


As well as the Hogan High Potential Talent Report, the Hogan High Potential model can be used as a 360 Multi-rater tool, contact us for full details. 

The competition for talent is fierce, and organisational success in the future is dependent upon finding and developing high potential leaders for key organisational roles.  The Hogan High Potential 360 (Hogan HiPo 360) is part of PBC’s multi-rater suite and is based on Hogan’s model of high potential talent. The Hogan HiPo 360 measures individuals against three integral components of leadership and supports organisations to develop their high potential talent.




  • Development of individual contributors or leaders who have been identified as high potential.
  • Individual coaching programs to identify and develop specific capabilities for leadership foundations, emergence and effectiveness.
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Hogan High Potential Talent Report to provide a deep understanding of the individual from both a personality and behavioural perspective.




  • Uses Hogan’s research-based high potential talent model to develop talent.
  • Identifies development opportunities to build a strong leadership pipeline.
  • Highlights individual strengths and ranks areas of actionable development.

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The Hogan High Potential Talent Report Certification instructs the participant in understanding and using the Hogan assessment tools to develop a high-potential talent population.  (You must be Hogan level 1 certified to take this web course).

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