Watson-Glaser II

How long will your company survive if your staff make bad decisions?

The Watson-Glaser II is the leading critical thinking test used to assess and develop decision-making skills and judgement. Based on Pearson's RED critical thinking model the Watson-Glaser II measures the ability to recognise assumptions, evaluate arguments, and draw logical conclusions.

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Uses for the Watson-glaser II

Watson-Glaser II Critical Thinking Appraisal Profile Report.

  • Assess decision making and critical thinking for entry level through executive positions in all industries
  • Emphasise the need for critical thinking for high-stakes roles; for example police officers and airplane pilots
  • Measure deductive reasoning skills of lawyers, insurance analysts, and IT professionals
  • Develop current and future leaders
  • Measure student potential and work-readiness
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Pearson's RED Critical Thinking Model

Recognise Assumptions

Noticing and questioning assumptions helps to reveal information gaps or unfounded logic.

Evaluate Arguments

Questioning the quality of supporting evidence, and understanding how emotion influences the situation.

Draw Conclusions

People who can bring diverse information together to arrive at conclusions that logically follow from the available evidence - often characterised as having “good judgement.”

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