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The single most powerful predictor of work performance.

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Matrigma Assessment

Matrigma was published in 2010 by Assessio International, a Swedish test publishing house and consultancy organisation that has developed psychological tests since 1954. 

Reasoning ability
Matrigma measures cognitive ability and is used to predict career success and job performance. Cognitive ability concerns, among other things, a person’s aptitude for accurate problem solving, logical reasoning and the ability to grasp new information – capabilities that are critical in the world of work.

Fluid intelligence
Matrigma is a non-verbal type of reasoning test that captures fluid intelligence, i.e. the ability to solve problems with no prior knowledge or experience. Hence, Matrigma is the optimal instrument for identifying individual potential across cultures and regardless of social or educational background.

A strong predictor of job performance
The test results will help you predict behaviours such as critical reasoning skills, clear thinking, learning skills and sound decision making. Candidates with a high score on Matrigma tend to be rated as high performers at work. They are effective in dealing with complex job tasks, they require less attention from their supervisors, and they can handle a high pace of work.

Matrigma is a scientifically robust instrument that has been reviewed and certified by DNV GL (Den Norske Veritas), an independent reviewer of psychometric tools in the Nordic countries – equivalent to American BUROS and European EFPA

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