Reflections 360

Competency Focused 360 Multi-rater Feedback

Whether we like it or not, our reputation at work impacts on our day to day results and our longer term future career potential. How others perceive our abilities and what we are known for may be similar, better or worse than how we see ourselves.

With Reflections 360 you can choose from a list of 60 pre-configured competencies to build a profile. We have already developed questions to measure these skills which means you can quickly set up and implement a tailored survey that best suits your audience and organisation's needs. 

For survey participants, it is easy to set up who they would like to include in their rater groups and Reflections 360 takes care of things from there - from issuing invitations to raters to complete the survey to nudging them with a reminder if needed. The survey participant can add an unlimited number of raters to manager, peer and direct report categories as they wish and then go on to complete the questionnaire for themselves. This enables the report to compare how participant rate themselves with ratings from their key stakeholders.


Can I use my own or my Organisation's competencies?

The Reflections 360 platform can be easily customised to include your own competency model. 


Can I track completion progress?

Yes - you can nudge raters if you want and monitor completion progress.  


Please contact us to request a Reflections 360 Sample Report


What's in the report?

Designed for quick and easy interpretation by line managers without support from HR.  Succinct information that targets key strength and developmental areas


Key sections

 Executive summary

  • Compares self rating of competencies to the rating from others
  • Longer term this can also include a benchmark from previous years & company wide norm 

Detailed competency behavioral feedback

  • Outlines responses to questions
  • Enables participants to easily target specific behaviours to potentially work on

 Top 5, bottom 5 ranked skills

  •  Signals what participants are best at and least effective behaviours

Team Climate

  • High scores for climate indicate an engaged team
  • Engaged teams are more productive, loyal - which impacts talent retention

Open feedback re personal strengths/development tips

  •  Key anonymised feedback which often relates to job related experiences
  • Valuable hints and tips to increase leadership effectiveness and helps career guidance

Action Plan

  • Participants decide what action to take forward

Off-the-shelf Competencies

The reflections 360 platform has over 60 competencies to choose from, please contact us for more information on the full list of competencies that you can choose from. 

Example competency profiles include, but not limited to

1st Line Managers 

  • Setting goals
  • Solving Problems
  • Developing Talent
  • Managing Conflict
  • Planning & Organising
  • Listening to Others

Mid-Level Managers

  • Driving Results
  • Anticipating Problems
  • Leading Others
  • Negotiating
  • Dealing with Ambiguity
  • Relationship Building

Senior Managers

  • Driving Innovation
  • Drive Strategy
  • Inspiring Others
  • Decision Making
  • Leveraging Diversity
  • Networking

If you would like to work with one of our consultants to design your own competency model please get in touch or call +44(0)1327 437000

Reflections 360

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The reflections 360 platform offers trend analysis per competency profile, the data is also ordered per department or per country if you are running a global 360 Multi-rater feedback initiative.  The 360 Feedback trend analysis can provide HR professionals key insights to support broader development plans which could help target resources effectively.

  • Aggregate results at competency level
  • Bench-marking group results
  • Compare results year on year