Reflections 360

Whether we like it or not, our reputation at work impacts on our results and future career potential. How others perceive our abilities and what we are known for may be similar, better or worse than how we see ourselves.

Reflections 360 enables participants to select from over 60 independent competencies to construct a tailored questionnaire. Participants can add an unlimited number of raters to manager, peer and direct report categories as they wish. Participants also complete the questionnaire for themselves and combined results are compared in their report.

What will I learn?

Simple statements ask the rater to indicate their perception of behaviour demonstrated by the participant and the impact of this behaviour on success in their role. The result from this helps the participant to become aware of reputed key strengths or development needs which can then be prioritised according to the considered impact on the job.

  • Choice of rater groups
  • Choose from an existing library of 60 competencies and question item pool
  • Report and access to 24/7 online administration platform
  • Exploration of over-using a particular skill

What does the 360 include?

The Reflections 360 enables you to execute a survey almost immediately, enabling your participants to gather feedback from their key stakeholders with minimal delay. Each competency has a ready-made set of question items which you can pick and mix depending on the participant level and purpose of the survey.

The flexibility to choose from a number of competencies and question items enables talent managers, coaches and development professionals to target feedback e.g. for succession planning purposes, transitional support, targeted learning and development initiatives. 

Reflections 360

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Custom 360

custom 360


Your custom branded 360 can include any number of competencies and question items. You may optionally include a short climate survey at no extra cost, which gathers feedback from direct reports about the climate their leader establishes in the workplace. Our customisable platform is extremely flexible so if you have something in mind, please get in touch with us.

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