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Making the right decision when it comes to appointing senior leaders is critical.  Studies over a number of years indicate a poor CEO hire can be very costly to organisations.  Even looking at simple indicators, such as the most common Google searches about bosses, highlight the impact senior leaders have on the engagement of their staff.  Often candidates for senior roles are at least as experienced, if not more so, than those interviewing them.  Differentiating the right person for the job is difficult.

Despite this, many organisations report not having robust plans in place to grow their own talent, even though figures suggest 40% of externally appointed CEOs are likely to exit after only 18 months.

APS offers a range of solutions using Hogan Assessment tools to identify potential key strengths of a candidate, but also cultural fit and key risk behaviours that may emerge over time to help organisations objectively compare candidates and improve the likelihood of a successful appointment.

Feel like your recruitment strategy is a bit like flipping a coin between candidates?

Talk to us about how the science of personality can help select candidates that can do the job and fit the organisations culture.

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