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How can you find the right candidate in a sea of résumés? Hogan have spent nearly 30 years helping some of the most advanced and powerful organisations in the world get the right people in the right place.

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High Volume Recruitment and Selection Solutions

When it comes to high volume recruitment, hiring managers are often required to make quick decisions with limited time to interview or complete detailed selection processes.  In many cases, hiring managers themselves are not experienced interviewers and so the choice of the ideal candidate can be very subjective and no more effective than the toss of a coin.

While it may be easy to find another individual to replace a quick turnover candidate, the time invested and the impact that a bad hire has on the rest of the team can be significant.

Hogan’s high volume recruitment solutions are designed to provide a fast, low-cost option to support hiring managers to identify high-quality candidates quickly.

Feel like your recruitment strategy is a bit like flipping a coin between candidates?

Talk to us about how the science of personality can help select candidates that can do the job and fit the organisations culture.

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