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Maximising Talent Workshop

This 2-day masterclass programme introduces tools and techniques that are thoroughly practised with a dedicated professional coach using real business situations and case studies.  Our masterclass programmes are scalable by groups of 6 to typically 24 and are thus suitable to support larger scale talent development initiatives.


Masterclass: 2 Day Workshop


Maximising Talent

With digital and technology impacting every sector in some way, the need for an agile and adaptive workforce has never been stronger! Organisations cannot afford the slow burn of talent growth through on the job experience. Neither is it enough to simply view TED talks, audiobooks or eLearning material. Leaders need to be able to apply skills to build their team’s talent and engagement day to day - now. This 2-day programme introduces and practices tools that leaders can draw on to build people talent. It can be configured to support all management levels, including leaders responsible for managers.

At the end of this programme, Leaders will;

  • Notice and gather effective examples of direct reports’ skills
  • Engage others through feedback to take action that maximises their results
  • Apply various communication styles that build commitment to action
  • Paint pictures of future performance skills and outcomes
  • Build self-reliance and confidence
  • Apply techniques of proactive, reactive and reinforcement coaching to drive results
  • Actively build individual skills that increase “readiness” for succession planning

What does the workshop include?

  • Facilitator presentations around Maximising Talent key concepts, tools and approaches
  • A balance between group and individual work
  • Significant Skills Practicing
  • Easy to implement techniques and tools from the workshop
  • Used globally with corporate clients
  • Maximising Talent cards to take away

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