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High Performing Team Assessment

The High Performing Team Assessment (HPTA) measures team performance across 12 critical themes for success. It helps teams understand their mix of strengths and opportunities related to themes that are critical to team performance and culture and the attainment of strategic business objectives.

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High Performing Team Assessment Model

Much in the same way that individuals are able to solicit feedback about their performance through a multi-rater (360) process, the HPTA allows teams to gather feedback from team members about how the team is performing.


The HPTA includes a number of report options that are suitable for different types of teams including Executive, Frontline, Agile and Management

  • Provides clear metrics for team performance and culture
  • Provides an immediate action plan to develop a high performing team
  • Is easily administered online with a 15 minute completion time
  • Straightforward delivery/facilitation of results
  • Supported by the technical reference guide
  • To provide real insight into team performance and culture for team development and planning
  • Provides constructive feedback to guide team building workshops
  • Can be used in conjunction with other organisational diagnostics and psychometric tools
  • To benchmark your team against other teams
  • To track changes in team performance and culture over time

High Performing Team Assessment

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