Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI)

The Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI) describes reasoning style. The ability to evaluate sets of data and solve problems.

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Hogan HBRI | Critical reasoning assessment 

The history of a business and individual career progress reflect the kinds of decisions people make. Decision making (i.e., deciding how to prioritise issues, how to allocate resources, how to resolve conflicts) depends on problem-solving.

The Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI) evaluates people’s ability to solve different business-related problems, and these solutions then drive decision making. It is important to note that factors other than problem-solving ability influence decision making. For example, experienced people typically make
better decisions than newcomers. Moreover, technology aids decision making in many jobs (e.g., airline pilots). Finally, people’s ability to learn from experience will determine the long-term quality of their decision making. Scores on the HBRI do no reflect a person’s interest in problem-solving, they reflect a person’s potential
problem-solving ability.

The HBRI is an assessment of critical reasoning. The assessment consists of a series of work and business-relevant questions that Hogan has proven to predict performance in a wide variety of occupational settings.  The HBRI report is designed to provide insight into a candidates critical reasoning abilities. The report
has three components, each providing unique information about how a candidate makes decisions in business and workplace contexts.

  • 24-item measure of Business Reasoning
  • Evaluates both Qualitative and Quantitative reasoning
  • 30 minute timed assessment
  • Designed to predict job performance
  • For selection and leadership development
  • Online administration and instantaneous reporting
  • Items developed to minimise reading requirements and adverse impact
  • Based on evolutionary psychology
  • Norms based on samples of working adults from around the globe
  • Validated against business success criteria

Cognitive Style: The Interaction of Qualitative and Quantitative Reasoning

Cognitive Style concerns a person’s characteristic ways of thinking about and solving problems in the workplace. Cognitive Style is the interaction of Qualitative and Quantitative Reasoning. The table below illustrates the four Cognitive Styles that result from this interaction.



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The Hogan HBRI Certification.  The objective of this online session is to define, illustrate, and provide interpretation of the three major business reasoning abilities that comprise business judgment and managerial decision making (You must be Hogan level 1 certified to take this web course).

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