Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation–Behaviour


The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation–Behaviour (FIRO-B) assessment helps people understand their own behaviour and that of others in interpersonal situations.

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Firo-B personality assessment

For more than 40 years, the FIRO-B has been used around the world to clarify human interactions in both business and personal situations. The Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation - Behaviour Assessment explores three basic interpersonal needs;

Along two dimensions;

The aim of the assessment is to provide insight into the behaviour of others around them, increasing workplace cohesion.


Firo-B Uses and Application

Organisations have been using FIRO-B® for a multitude of programs over the last 10 years including:

  • Develops an understanding of interpersonal behaviour.
  • Looks at the three basic interpersonal needs: inclusion, control and affection.
  • Based on two dimensions: expressed and wanted.
  • A short well-known established tool that often compliments the MBTI®.
  • Generates insight around differences between behaviour expressed to others and wanted from them.
  • Insights can help leaders understand their leadership style, contact frequency and emotional needs.
  • Can help to explore team effectiveness.
  • Understanding personality preferences and behaviour offers awareness of personal impact and style.

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