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The Development Centre Workshop is a bespoke collection of business simulations designed to assess a participants behaviour and coping strategies when faced with the demands and real life scenarios of your organisation.  Work with our experienced consultants to build a unique programme tailored for your business.  Our online platform allows the Development Centre to be run over multiple days or virtually online.


The APS approach to Development Centres

Our development centre platform has been designed to make use of the latest tablet/ touch screen technologies, built by our talented in-house IT experts.  The platform eliminates the need for paper copies and handouts on a development centre workshop. 

It enables us to give participants real time data feedback and development insights straight after the task or exercise.  The aim of the development centre is for participants to see an improvement of key competencies over the day or virtual time scales.




Integrate Psychometric

Our Development Centre platform is flexible enough to integrate Psychometric assessments, 360 Multi-raters and Team Climate.


Key Feedback and Insights:

  • Key strength and developmental areas
  • Bench-marking for emerging leaders
  • Expose high level decision making style under pressure

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