Multi-rater 360 Feedback

Multi-rater feedback or 360’s have been used to support HR and L&D strategies all over the world for many years. Today such tools can gather feedback from key stakeholders on particular characteristics such as Emotional Intelligence, Leadership or the organisation’s competencies. Find out more in our latest brochure.

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Our 360 multi-rater tools are all on-line and designed to provide participants with comprehensive insights regarding their reputation through the eyes of their key stakeholders. Such insight and self-awareness can be quickly integrated into development action plans to adapt behaviour to achieve best results. At Advanced People Strategies, we’re able to offer a range of both “off-shelf” 360 tools and customised 360 tools that can be branded and developed to align with internal competency frameworks and existing language. Our reports are designed to be structured and as clear as possible to enable participants to intuitively interpret feedback.  

Which 360 is right for you?

Our 360 Multi-rater tools are split into three categories:

  • Competency profile focused  360; select from over 60 off-the-shelf competencies or work with our consultants to incorporate your own competency models
  • Emotional Intelligence 360; targets relationship skills and uses the TEIQue emotional intelligence personality traits to explore EQ
  • Hogan Leadership 360; designed for emerging and senior leaders who are becoming more strategic, it draws on the Hogan Assessments leadership model and is a natural next step for Leaders who have received Hogan Assessment personality feedback

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