Hogan Team Certification

The Hogan Team report Certification instructs the participant in understanding and using Hogan assessment tools to develop high-performing teams. The first part of the web course presents an overview of the Hogan Team Report. Team roles, team derailers, and team values are discussed as well as selected individual profiles. The next part of the course involves reading key excerpts from the Team Report User Manual. The Team Report User Manual excerpts are designed to provide you with additional depth about the foundations for the Team Report and more information about how to interpret Team Report scores.

After you review the manual excerpts, you must complete the quiz to test your understanding of the Team Report. Passing this course quiz will complete your certification to start using the Hogan Team Report materials.

Level: Web-Course - eLearning

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Prior accreditation: Hogan Level 1 Certification

  • Overview of team report
  • Team roles and derailers
  • Team values
  • How to interpret the team report

Hogan Team Certification

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The Hogan Team Report

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The Hogan Team Report draws on personality assessment to help teams identify and understand three internal dynamics:

Team 1

Team strengths and weaknesses
In order to maximise strengths, high performing teams should have a balance of people across five key psychological roles.

Team 2

Potential team fracture lines
In order to maintain harmony, teams have to recognise and mitigate the negative personality characteristics that can derail success.

Team 3

Team culture and shared values
Shared values and drivers are key in working toward a common goal, and are critical to the ongoing success of any team.

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