Climate Survey

Research indicates that a highly engaged workforce increases organisational effectiveness, customer satisfaction and  commercial returns. Our Climate Survey, developed by Professor Adrian Furnham, enables organisations to measure a team's perception of their working climate.  

There are many factors that affect the working climate from direct relationships with leaders, colleagues to the organisation's "system". The Climate Survey aims to be able to interpret a teams perception of their working environment and how they fit into it. This helps the team understand where their strengths and weaknesses are, enabling them to be able to self evaluate and improve.


  • Team development

Key Features & Benefits

  • Measure the impact of organisational, people systems and leadership impacts on the working climate.
  • Scaleable from individual team to organisation application.
  • Organisational norm created and used to identify best and worst practice.
  • Customisable to include client-specific questions.
  • Generates insight and recommendations about the organisational system affecting engagement.
  • Flexible and immediate application both tactically and strategically.
  • Understanding the internal working climate enables organisations to adapt and increase effectiveness.   
  • Generates validated report output plus optional survey of attitudes toward current initiatives. 

Climate Survey

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