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A practical 2-day workshop designed to build participant knowledge and skills that creates highly impactful and trusted commercial relationships.

What will I learn?

The workshop introduces characteristics needed to establish trust and impact, along with tools and techniques to develop them in plenary sessions. Participants practice applying the techniques, using a custom case study that reflects key client touch-point interactions, 75% of the workshop focuses on practical skills development.

After completing the workshop participants will:

Understand 4 key client relationship roles of “vendor”, “expert”, “trusted advisor” and “trusted partner”
Be able to assess their current client relationship role
Identify specific characteristics that build and damage trust and commercial impact
Explore tools and techniques to have engaging co-creative dialogue with clients
Become aware of personal drivers that affect surface behaviour and how these affect Trust and Impact with clients
Apply skills to surface real client concerns and motivations
Apply the 5P’s rapid preparation framework for client touch-points
Receive specific feedback from a professional coach, on effective skills demonstrated and suggestions on how to develop them further

What does the workshop include?

  • Facilitator presentations around Trusted Advisor key concepts, tools and approaches
  • Balance between group and individual work
  • Significant Skills Practicing
  • Easy to implement techniques and tools from the workshop
  • Discussions of current client relationships
  • Used globally with corporate clients
  • Trusted Advisor cards to take away

Masterclass - Becoming a Trusted Advisor

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A practical 2-day workshop designed to build participant knowledge and skills.

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