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Hogan Conversion Workshop for HDS, HPI and MVPI

Hogan Conversion Workshop

The Hogan Conversion workshop has been designed to help practitioners to develop their knowledge of Hogan assessments, and to give them the opportunity to be able to administer one of the three Hogan Inventory personalities.

What will I learn?

Workshop participants will have the choice of one of three personality inventories, including Hogan Development Survey, Hogan Personality Inventory or the Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory.

What does the workshop include?

This Hogan Assessments conversion course is suitable for professionals working in the people development field who hold the BPS Level B in occupational testing or Chartered Psychologist qualification. It provides an accelerated learning approach that enables participants to administer and interpret one of the three Hogan personality inventories (either HDS, HPI or MVPI). The programme is non-residential and run over 1 day.

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Participants will be required to prepare interpretative analysis and conduct a feedback following the workshop.