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Book Hogan Assessment Certification Workshop

Hogan Certification Workshops

To be able to buy and interpret Hogan Reports you will need to complete the Hogan Certification Workshop 2 day course.  As UK distributors of Hogan Assessment Systems, Advanced People Strategies provide official Hogan workshops including Hogan Certification, Hogan Advanced Certification and Hogan Conversion. Our Certification Workshops are run regularly in London and at our Northamptonshire head office.  We can also arrange in-house workshops if preferred. Get in touch if you also have colleagues outside the UK you wish to have certified and we will help coordinate this for you. 



Hogan Certification Workshop (2 Day)

A two-day workshop is regularly held in London and Daventry (in the Midlands) or can be arranged in-house. This workshop enables participant's to become certified to order and use  Hogan assessments and reports (MVPI, HPI and HDS). Find out more.

Hogan Advanced Interpretation Workshop (2 Day)

A two-day workshop for those who wish to deepen their interpretive ability and application of the Hogan tools  such as syndromes, scale conflicts  and competency mapping. Find out more.

Hogan Conversion (1 Day)

A one-day workshop for the HDS, MVPI or HPI assessment, the workshop is designed for participants wishing to become certified with just one Hogan Assessment tool. Find out more.